Fake Gauge Earrings: Realistic Snake Cobra Animal Shaped Stud Plug Earrings in Black

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  • A pair of snake shaped fake gauge earrings for people who love unique animal jewelry! These snake earrings are unique and detailed! They are made to look like faux plug earrings in the shape of snakes in black. 

    They open up in the middle and are worn like stud earrings but look like they are piercing through your ear lobes.

    For more fake gauge earrings and snake themed animal jewelry please visit our store!

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  • Size: Each one measures 2.5 cm wide and opens up in the middle.
    Directions: Wear them like you would wear normal stud earrings!
    Material: Enamel Plated Tin Alloy

    Animal Jewelry by DOTOLY

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