Adorable Bunny Rabbit Panda Bear Shaped Animal Theme Park Moveable Puffy Stickers | 2 Sheets

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  • These stickers are great for kids, they are puffy, cute and can be layered on top of each other so it is interactive and fun! The bunnies and animals can be placed on the rides and the galleon ship sticker moves!

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  • Details:
    - You get a packet containing two sheets of stickers (see second and third image)
    - The larger sheet measures 17.5 cm tall by 9 cm wide, the smaller sheet measures 9 cm tall by 9 cm wide.
    - The stickers vary in size from the largest galleon boat shaped sticker measuring 8 cm wide by 7 cm tall, it also has a hinge on it so it moves!
    - The stickers are designed to be overlapped so the animals can go on the ferris wheel and rides!

    Animal Themed Stationery by DOTOLY

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